Lemonade Tycoon 2

In the tycoon game Lemonade Tycoon 2:New York edition, you can make it big.To make it in the big city all you need is a PC that can download the game, and some time to play. Many websites have a trial version of the game where you can play for an hour. An hour can give you an opportunity to test the game, and see if you think it is fun. Lemonade Tycoon 2 comes as a small download compared to many tycoon games, it is about 12 megabytes.

You start with a lemonade stand in the Bronx. Before I started the game I had a look at the tutorial, which I was a bit disappointed with since it is generally just a hypertext overview of the game. Each chapter is represented as a habit that the tutorial recommends the gamer to follow. You can follow the tutorial briefly to get an overview of the functions of the game, and how it works.

A much more familiar and comfortable way of learning on the game would have been an in-game tutorial. The game does make up for that by including a walkthrough, which gives you a general introduction to start playing the game.

The walkthrough is rather short, but helpful, if you have not played earlier lemonade tycoon games.

These tooltips can be activate by clicking on a tooltip box before starting the game. When I started the game itself, I could select between three different ways of playing the game. The game can be played as a time challenge, money challenge, or in a career mode. Each of the game modes has a different goal, and suites the style you want to play in Lemonade Tycoon 2.

In the time challenge mode, time is money, literally and you have to make as much money within a given time limit that you can decide at the beginning. You can also play for money in the money challenge.

In this mode the goal is to play until you reach the money limit set at the beginning of the game. The time challenge and money challenge feature similar game play, because you have to meet a goal. The game allows you to keep track of this goal with a bar that fills as you get closer to finishing this goal. The difference between the two game modes is that it might not take the same time to finish them.

The career mode of the game allows you to compete with the game itself, without worrying if you can finish before time runs out. The game spans different districts of New York, and you start in Bronx with a single lemonade stand and 500$.

Starting Lemonade Tycoon 2 you have an option to follow the walkthrough, or make your own luck, if you know how to play. Just make sure you have enough stock, and your recipe takes notice of the weather report for the next day. The weather plays a big part in your success and learning what your customers like is a part of that success.

The game has a good feedback system, which allows you to see how good your recipe really is. The feedback system is based on whether your customers like your lemonade or not. The trouble is you can only see whether they like it once you start each day.

To get through the day faster, you can either click on the 2x feature that makes time move faster, or simply skip a day. This can be helpful, if you dont want to wait and want to get faster results. To get good results you are going to need the right ingredients for your lemonade drinks. You can mix the balance of three ingredients for your lemonade drinks. The main ingredients of the recipe are lemons, sugar, and ice cubes. With the right mix of these three ingredients your customers will come back for more.

As in every tycoon game the recipe for success in Lemonade Tycoon 2 is a mix of many elements like price and marketing. Upgrades are also important to the growth of your lemonade tycoon business. They allow you to train people, and buy extras that help you make more profit.

In Lemonade Tycoon 2 you have many ingredients that could make for successful gameplay if you like micromanaging and taking notice of what your customers like.As your business expands over several districts, micromanaging every stand can get a little tedious, and repetitive. Many tycoon games have features that allow you to automate production, without needing to micromanage every area of your business.

This feature would not work very well in Lemonade Tycoon 2, since if you could automate production there would be nothing left for you to do.

Making money in the game is the most fun you can have. It can be a bit disappointing sometimes when you are not making as much money as you want to. The game provides good analysis tools that allow you to monitor every area of your tycoon business. Monitoring it, and your customers needs is vital to make the business grow in the game.